Stability and profitability at the maximum

Today’s report is somewhat different from the others – for those accounts, the results of which are shown below, only 1 losing trade was recorded. Sometimes the market behaves perfectly, during such periods the advisors show a win rate close to 100%.

But even if the share of successful deals fluctuates in the range of 75-85%, this is enough to earn money. So do not suffer from excessive perfectionism, it hurts at work. Treat losing trades as inevitable.

Another tip from personal experience – do not stop manual trading, even if the robot portfolios are profitable. The more sources of income, the better.

Please note that automated trading will have to be learned. But we are talking about 1-2 months, so it is better to spend this time and know about all the traps awaiting you in advance. Follow the link below to learn the details of training in the special course “Profit on the machine”, where the cost of training is indicated. As a bonus to the theory, there is a recruitment of advisers from the Forex Academy, so you don’t have to look for working trading algorithms.

Bollinger Bands Night Advisor

Expert Advisor 008 is based on the author’s Bollinger Bands and, due to trading at night, provides a stable profit month after month. Although the work in general can be described as trading on a rebound from the channel boundaries, it will not work to repeat transactions with a standard Bollinger. The EA uses a modified version of this indicator.

There are also additional rules for filtering market entry points. So, although we do not hide the idea of ​​a robot, the details of trading with its help are understood only within the framework of training.

In points, the profit is very small, so the volume has to be increased to several standard lots. Only 1 deal out of 4 turned out to be unprofitable, the loss on it is several times less than the triggered take-profits.

Trading with high intensity does not differ, but even without it, the deposit grows steadily.

ScalperGap and scalping on 1-minute charts

ScalperGap and scalping on 1-minute charts

This EA literally destroys stereotypes about working on small timeframes. He is an exception to the rule, proving that you can earn money even on M1.

9 deals closed with a profit provided an earnings of $ 1479.41.

Some people are confused by the fact that the grid is built when the chart moves against us. But you shouldn’t worry about this:

  • ScalperGap does not use aggressive martingale, capital pressure is growing weakly;
  • there are filters that cut off excessive losses. Even in the worst case, for example, with an impulse movement against the grid, the EA will simply close it, fixing the loss, and start looking for the next signal.

The Expert Advisor is also notable for the fact that it uses only one well-known trading idea – overlapping gaps on the chart. By adding entry filters to this tactic, we got an excellent trading robot. For him, the share of profitable deals from the total number consistently exceeds 75-80%, sometimes reaching 90-95%.


Those who have just started to get acquainted with automated trading have probably already thought about where to download the advisors listed above. I will disappoint you – they are not freely available, this is the development of the Forex Academy and you can get them only after completing the training.

But we understand that not everyone is ready to immediately pay for access to a special course, there are enough skeptics among newcomers. Especially for you, we have made a selection of 10 free advisors.

The difference between our offer is that we have already optimized them, saving you tens of hours of time. So click on the link below, in the window that opens, leave your email, and we will send all 10 robots to it in turn. Check them, make sure that you can earn money on the machine and come to the training.