Trades in TS Sniper X

November ends, and the fight for prizes in the contest on demo accounts launched by the Forex Academy has intensified. Both our students and those who have already completed the training and started to swim freely take part in it.

Next week will be crucial. If you are participating in a competition, gather your strength and trade at an accelerated pace. An update was made to Sniper X this week, new patterns were added, try to apply them in practice, perhaps they will help you win or take a prize.

Those who have not yet familiarized themselves with the TS Sniper X can correct this omission right now. It is enough to leave an email address using the link below, and we will send free video tutorials to it. Review them, try to apply what you saw in trading and sign up for a special course.

Tuesday deals

On Tuesday, 2 trades were closed with a profit, and signals to enter the market were received even earlier – on Monday evening. These are the entry points:

  • for DKB (Deutsche Bank) shares worked out pattern # 5. The chart did not immediately move towards the take profit, located at 8.41, but it didn’t come to the triggered stop either. As a result, at the beginning of Tuesday, a sell deal was closed with a profit and it was possible to earn 14 points. Since the SL was taken out for the High of the local maximum, the risk was equal to 18 points;
  • WTI oil, according to which they also received an entry signal on Monday, and according to the Safe rule, half of the volume could be closed on Tuesday. Here we also dealt with pattern 5, we recommend using the Safe rule because there are no guarantees of movement towards take profit. Partial signal processing – profit was 42 points with a stop of 83 points. If the Safe rule had not been used, then most likely the stop would have worked and no profit would have been received at all.

Results of Wednesday

In the middle of the week:

  • XAUUSD – for gold, the entry point appeared on Tuesday. When the chart passed 181 points in a profitable direction (one third of the distance to TP), 50% of the volume should have been closed. Further, everything depended on the method of position tracking. If the stop was moved to breakeven and just waited, then the second half is closed at breakeven, but the second 50% of the volume could be closed even after the downward movement slowed down;
  • GBPAUD – received resistance testing from the forecast. Everything happened as predicted in the forecast, with a false breakout, an M-shaped pattern was formed with an imbalance level in the reference segment. The work was carried out on the breakdown of the imbalance level, after fixing below it, a sell deal should be opened. In this situation, the chart reached take profit and earnings amounted to 92 points, while no more than 62 points could be lost by stop.

Trading on Thursday

Trading on Thursday

On Thursday, only one GBPNZD trade was closed with a profit. The situation is similar to the one that developed earlier for GBPAUD with the only difference that the signal was bullish, not bearish.

An attempt to break through the support was unsuccessful. The bulls fought off the offensive and, when the W-shaped pattern was formed, received an imbalance level near the lower border of the support zone. Long positions were opened after waiting for the chart to fix.

The stop for this trade was 34 points. On Thursday, the chart reached TP, providing a profit of 81 points. It is noteworthy that then the movement in the profitable direction continued.


At the time of preparing the review of trading results, the NEOUSD deal has not yet been closed. Keep in mind that on Friday we can get 2-3 more worked signals, so the weekly result may improve.

So far, out of 15 forecasts, we have received 5 per forecast. That is, a third of the forecasts made it possible to conclude a deal and did not receive a single loss at 5 entry points. For those who counted on working out every prediction, without exception, I recommend taking off their rose-colored glasses. No other vehicle is capable of this.